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20L, 60L, 208L, 850KG
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VENOL Mold oil

Form oils are made using deeply refined mineral oils enriched with appropriately selected and refined additives, including active ingredients that protect the surfaces from corrosion in the long term. The oils are used to overdraw the molds during the production of the concrete elements. They are used for mold lubrication, as an anti-adhesion agent in the production of aerated concrete. The oils can be used for other purposes, after prior agreement with the recipient. They are manufactured in different viscosity classes, depending on the application methods in the overdrawing of steel molds and others. The dispersion of the viscosity spectrum of the oils results from the spray systems, the nozzle diameters, as well as the size of the sprayed oil flow which is applied by the user. The form of oils work against concrete formation on the mold surfaces and protect steel molds from corrosion. They facilitate the separation of the shape from the product without deforming it. The finished products require only minimal cleaning.

Product table

Kinematische Viskosität bei 40 °C, mm2/s 7-10  22 39,5 85,5 132,5
Flammpunkt °C 70 190 200 220 240

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