The company VENOL Motor Oil was established in 2002 as Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung based in Ladbergen, northern Germany. The company’s mission, from the very beginning of its existence, was manufacturing and supplying satisfied customers with the highest quality lubricating oils and car chemistry products.
In order to implement this mission, starting in 2003, the company offered its customers a whole range of products sold under the VENOL © brand. The new production technologies implemented in 2004 made it possible to manufacture and offer new generation products to customers whose quality allows VENOL Motor Oil GmbH to effectively compete with the leading producers of the lubricating oil, operating fluids and car care industries.
Due to the intensive development of the company, as well as being part of a long-term economic strategy of expansion into the markets of new European Community member states, VENOL GmbH began locating its production also at the best producers there, lending them their modern production technologies and enforcing their own very high quality requirements .
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The effect of this expansion was the effective promotion of the VENOL © brand not only on the Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian markets, but also on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The market hit was the new line of excellent quality, state-of-the-art engine oils, created just from August 2008, created based on a special composition of oil bases with the use of the unique ACTIVE POWER technology.


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