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EXTREME A.M.G. LUBRICANTS – fully synthetic motor oils

EXTREME A.M.G. LUBRICANTS – fully synthetic motor oils

ADDED: 25.01.2019

venol extreme oleje syntetyczne motor oil fully syntheticWe have a pleasure to announce the emergence of a new brand of engine oils – EXTREME A.M.G. LUBRICANTS.

Original, innovative recipes and technologies EXTREME A.M.G. were developed by German oil industry experts. The oils are “fully synthetic”, composed of synthetic base oils from Group IV (PAO, Poly Alpha Olefins approx. 70%), Group V (ESTRY, more than 10%) and an innovative line of additives and elements. Oils are stand out by particularly excellent HTHS, high molybdenum content and SSI shear resistance.

Oils EXTREME A.M.G. They are dedicated to car sports, increased loads, operation in urban conditions and difficult climatic conditions.

The oil concept EXTREME A.M.G. is the result of joint efforts of the young, ambitious manufacturer of high quality sports tires by EXTREME PERFORMANCE TIRES, a serious competitor of recognized global tire companies and the renowned German manufacturer of automotive and industrial oils VENOL MOTOR OIL GmbH, owner of VENOL and A.M.G brand.

More information and cooperation: europe@extreme-oil.com

Venol oleje silnikowe motor oil

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